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Infinity Masculine
Sony SA-Z1 Hi-Res Near Field speakers
Sony SA-Z1 Hi-Res Near Field speakers

Sony SA-Z1 Hi-Res Near Field Speakers are going to elevate the performance in a high-resolution sound. The SA-Z1 gives the user experience of true audio enlightenment. However, the purpose of the SA-Z1 is to provide you listening experience no matter your choice of music. Furthermore, play music from your Laptop or PC, or connect you Walkman or Xperia and get precision and sound reproduction.

Moreover, the processing architecture of the speakers was specially developed using the latest expertise from Sony. Therefore High-Resolution Audio reproduces with ultimate fidelity. Along with that, the woofers that placed back-to-back make sure there no unnecessary vibration. So, the sound crip as possible. To sum it up, the speakers are perfect and created, especially for the desktop users who take music and sound as part of their life. So every sound turns to admirable. Every song and tune be stunning to the ears.

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