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Viture One Smart Glasses


Virtual Reality (VR) has been getting a lot of press lately, and for a good reason. It offers users the chance to experience new and exciting worlds from an immersive perspective. But until recently, VR headsets tended to be bulky, unwieldy devices that weren't exactly ideal for use in public. That's why Virtue is on a mission to change that with the One.

The One is a revolutionary smart glasses design created by Apple and Google veterans that look like chic Wayfarer glasses but offer so much more. They provide 1080/60p images on a virtual 120" screen and have speakers built into the temples for a spatial sound that truly immerses the user into their experience. But instead of putting all its components in the glasses themselves, they are paired with a Neckband running Google ATV—opening up access to any app on the Google Play Store.

That means users can play games from cloud-based services like Stadia or connect remotely through consoles or PCs, watch shows and movies from nearly every major streaming platform, and even play Switch games when using the optional mobile dock. And thanks to successful crowdfunding on Kickstarter, these amazing glasses are slated to begin shipping this October.

In short: if you thought VR headsets were already impressive before—just wait until you get your hands onVirtue'ss groundbreaking One smart glasses! Sleekly designed, full of features, and packing powerful capabilities into one package—they're sure to deliver an unprecedentedly vivid virtual reality experience like nothing else out there. Whether you're gaming online with friends or watching movies alone at home—the possibilities are boundless! Utterly captivating, incredibly convenient, and mind-blowingly advanced—these innovative specs are sure to revolutionize entertainment as we know it.

Viture One Smart Glasses
Viture One Smart Glasses
Viture One Smart Glasses
Viture One Smart Glasses
Viture One Smart Glasses
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