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Vestaboard Message Board
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Vestaboard Message Board


In a world filled with high-resolution displays and rapid advancements in technology, the Vestaboard brings a touch of nostalgia reminiscent of the split-flap displays frequently seen in European train stations.

This ingenious, Internet-connected gadget combines the elegance of a simpler time with the practicality of modern technology, making it the perfect addition to both home and office environments. Let's explore the captivating features of this 2021 Red Dot Design Award Winner and learn why it has enchanted users around the globe.

Vestaboard's Distinctive Design.

Featuring a 132-character grid of mechanical characters, the Vestaboard presents a remarkable 64 different options for each character. This adaptability empowers users to craft visually appealing messages that encompass every shade of the rainbow. Approximately the size of a 42-inch TV, this sleek and sophisticated display serves as a stunning centerpiece in any setting.

Effortless Connectivity.

Among the most impressive characteristics of the Vestaboard is its flawless integration with contemporary technology. By leveraging Wifi, users can transmit custom messages to the display using iOS, Android, or the cloud, ensuring a smooth experience. Furthermore, the Vestaboard can connect to countless other services via IFTTT (If This Then That) and various installable applications, making it a flexible and versatile component of your digital environment.

Ideal for Home and Office Applications.

The Vestaboard is not only a visually arresting conversation starter but also a practical instrument for communication and information dissemination. At home, families can utilize it to showcase inspiring quotes, chore charts, or special notices. In the workplace, the Vestaboard can display essential details like meeting agendas, project progress, or company announcements, cultivating an interactive and cooperative atmosphere.

In conclusion, the Vestaboard is a delightful blend of vintage allure and modern connectivity that resonates with a diverse audience. Its distinctive design, effortless integration with multiple devices and services, and compatibility with both home and office spaces make it an appealing and functional option. Embrace the enchantment of yesteryear combined with the conveniences of today with the Vestaboard, a display as mesmerizing as it is practical.

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