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TASCHEN TATTOO 1730s-1970s by Henk Schiffmacher
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TASCHEN TATTOO 1730s-1970s by Henk Schiffmacher


From the indigenous Māori tattooing of New Zealand to the ancient origins of old-school tattoos in Europe and the US, Henk Schiffmacher's book, TASCHEN TATTOO 1730s-1970s, is an awe-inspiring exploration of more than two centuries of tattoo history.

Through a beautiful compilation of images and artifacts, Schiffmacher transports readers on an incredible journey through the lives and stories of tattoo artists from around the world. The book offers an intimate look at the ambition, courage, and struggles that have shaped so much of this art form's past, along with a personal introduction from Schiffmacher himself that captures his own growth as both a collector and an artist.

As much a memoir as it is an art book or history textbook, TASCHEN TATTOO 1730s-1970s is packed with never-before-seen highlights from Schiffmacher's meticulously collected works which span lithographs, etchings, instruments, paintings, photographs, posters, and shop signs. Even some scarce vintage flash sheets from significant players in early Western tattooing. Among these 700+ remarkable images are pieces that reveal the rich cultural heritage behind traditional Māori and South Pacific Islander art, as well as glimpses into Asian tradition.

Schiffmacher's dynamic vision for this grand volume is evident in its dozen unique illustrations featuring his signature style. His passion for immortalizing pioneers in body ink shines through each page, while his mischievous sense of adventure will leave you laughing at some of his wild tales. Amidst these intriguing anecdotes lies a powerful lesson about creativity – proving what can happen when imagination meets hard work and dedication. Ultimately TASCHEN TATTOO 1730s-1970s reveals not only how far we have come as a culture but also how influential tattooing has become to so many people around the world.

Boasting beautiful illustrations alongside inspiring stories about courage and occupational hazards, this captivating work by Henk Schiffmacher offers invaluable insight into numerous incredibly talented individuals who helped bring body art roaring into view during the modern era.

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