Mandalorian Darksaber Replica
Mandalorian Darksaber Replica

For those who watched Disney Plus, The Mandalorian latest season, most likely encountered with Moff Gideon blacked-out ancient lightsaber - the Darksaber. Mandalorian Darksaber Replica by Hasbro gives Star Wars fans what they desire most, a well-designed replica to place it in their rare collectible items. Furthermore, the Darksaber Replica has a built-in LED light that can show the lightsaber appearance with real lightsaber sounds when swinging, and it's the most realistic Force FX Lightsaber yet. The blade of the Darksaber can be removed and has a stand included for display. You can pre-order at the price of $250 and be available for delivery in August 2021.

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Hasbro Pulse
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