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Audi patrone police drone
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Audi patrone police drone


Is what we think the movie's technologies will never happen in the next future. But we were wrong. It's here and more than real. The AUDI Patrone purpose is to help and aim the advantage of the aerial drone to the police officers. The drone has a four-rotor system with jet propulsion that enables to town and city flying for emergencies. Hovering over any areas of the dense city for patrolling and surveillance. Police offices are seating back with the VR on their heads and start patrolling with the remote. They see it as a cockpit simulator. The 360 angles can help them understand and notices very quickly when they are searching. The Audi Patrone drone is not just a regular drone, and the quipped  VR system is for the officers who can control from the headquarter. It also has cameras and powerful lights. Will you feel hypochondriac as a citizen? Probably yes.

Terminator vs. Judge Dredd

When we think about it, movies start to look like real life. In those awesome movies, they both have drones or hover bikes that are searching for civilians. There is no more privacy, and the anonymity is dead. If the day comes, we as civilians suffer from this type of technology; this is a good thing because there will be more observation of criminal, and it will decrease the crime in the cities, but our privacy will be hurt. It's not like we do not have cameras in every corner of the streets.

To sum it up, technologies are here, and from year to year we are moving fast - very fast as lightning. But we need to know this; we as a website that loves and admires technology, we love to see futuristic tech to come alive. Like, who thought that we can touch our phone instead of a telegram that centuries ago we sent with birds.

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