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From a Certain Point of View
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From a Certain Point of View

Since 1980, Star Wars become a true saga after the releases of The Empire Strikes Back. From a Certain Point of View book, to honor the fortieth anniversary, it has come to re-createThe Empire Strikes Back through supporting characters, heroes, villains, unforgettable droids, and creatures. Thanks to the bestselling authors and trendsetting artists, Austin Walker,  Hank Green, Tracy Deonn, Martha Well, Mark Oshiro, and Seth Dickinson provide the readers more depth into the storyline from their new perspective. The fans would find things like Dengar, and IG-88 bounty hunters partnership during the pursue of Han Solo, the chronicles life on the frozen world of Hoth, plunged more in-depth into the dark heart of the Dagobah cave, and more. This book is a must for every Star Wars fan who would like to enrich their knowledge through this fantastic world we are all addicted to and bring it as an essential part of our life.

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