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Steve McQueen Race Helmet
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Steve McQueen Race Helmet


It's an exciting time for fans of Steve McQueen and classic auto racing films, as the iconic 1968 full-face Bell TopTex helmet worn in his 1971 movie, Le Mans, has just hit the online auction block.

The widely acclaimed racing flick was shot during the actual 1970 running of the grueling and demanding 24-hour endurance race and is known for its awe-inspiring authenticity and grandiose wheel-to-wheel action footage.

This stunning piece of cinematic memorabilia is a must-have item for any Steve McQueen enthusiast or collector passionate about racing history. The helmet, which was made for actor Fred Haltiner's character Porsche 917 pilot "Johann Ritter," was also at times sported by McQueen himself (as evidenced by an original on-set photo included with the sale). After filming had wrapped, 13 members of the crew added their signatures to this already remarkable item, as well as some titans from the motorsport scene like Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Jackie Ickx, Hans Herrmann, Herbert Linge, Luc Merenda, and Don Nunley (film's prop man and personal bodyguard to McQueen).

Live Auctioneers are hosting this truly impressive sale for this one-of-a-kind collectible, estimated to be worth between $21 000 - $43 000 USD. Apart from being a priceless relic cherished by many motorsports enthusiasts around the world due to its rare association with one of Hollywood's most beloved stars, it is an incredible visual representation of cinematic history that captures a moment in time that can never be duplicated or replaced.

The innovative design speaks volumes as each detail has been crafted with purpose – complete with sculpted ear cups; metal meshes face grates; honeycomb-covered top vents; adjustable forehead strap; retractable visor arm mechanisms - all design aspects featured prominently in Steve McQueen's distinguishable style in Le Mans. This delightful piece encourages viewers to appreciate both high fashion and vivid artistry while opening up an imaginative world filled with powerful emotions brought out through bold colors and intricate patterns.

In today's digital age, where nearly everything we experience is wirelessly transmitted into our eyes on demand, it's refreshing when an opportunity arises like this particular auction where you have a chance to own something tangible. Something you can not only treasure dearly but bring real value to your collection.

If you're ready for your chance at owning this unique piece of movie memorabilia, don't miss out. Head over now to the Live Auctioneers website and place your bid on beloved Steve McQueen's memorable crash helmet from Le Mans.

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Live Auctioneers
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