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Triumph Project TE-1 Motorcycle
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Triumph Project TE-1 Motorcycle


Motorcyclists from all corners of the globe are thrilled as a new and exciting chapter in electric motorcycle technology is about to be written by Triumph. The iconic British manufacturer has enlisted the help of Williams Advanced Engineering to complete their momentous project: Project TE-1.

The advanced battery, motor, and software controls created by the branch of the Williams F1 team will offer bikers unparalleled power consistency even at low battery levels. Furthermore, optimized weight distribution and cutting-edge materials mean that recharge times are lightning fast - only needing 20 minutes for an 80% charge with a 360-volt system. After having completed its second phase in a four-year cycle, Triumph has yet to give fans any indication of when they could expect this revolutionary electric bike on the market – adding another layer of excitement as anticipation builds.

Project TE-1 follows Triumph's commitment to providing passionate motorcyclists with innovative, reliable, and efficient products, setting themselves apart from traditional competitors and offering thrilling prospects for the future. This pioneering technology promises an unprecedented experience that is sure to tantalize many avid riders, who can rest assured that they will get the much-needed power performance expected from an electric motorcycle without compromising on speed or control.

With this incredible collaboration between Triumph and Williams Advanced Engineering coming together, we can surely expect something remarkable that pushes boundaries far beyond what anyone imagined possible.

Triumph Project TE-1 Motorcycle
Triumph Project TE-1 Motorcycle
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