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SPIRAL Issue II - Future
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SPIRAL Issue II - Future


Football has always been a sport of contradictions, an exciting yet fantastical game that generates endless debate seen and felt around the world. The second edition of SPIRAL explores these dualities and attempts to answer the ultimate question: what lies ahead for football?

Spiral Journal's latest issue covers compelling topics like the rise of the NFL, data-driven consumption of football, Fox Sports' Cleatus robot, Tom Brady's legendary pursuit of success and immortality, global expansion of football, and the female leaders driving progress on both sides of the pitch. This fresh volume also features a special HALFTIME edition by Pete Sharp, along with interviews from Chris Godwin, PLAYLAB, YGTUT, and OUR LEGACY.

The second issue is packed with 200 pages of excellent paper stock containing exceptional visuals and creative journalism. Stunning artwork, magnificent photography, and thought-provoking pieces lend themselves to an exquisite experience designed to captivate the imagination and provoke contemplation about the future of football. Excitingly modern robots paired with timeless stars feature alongside uplifting stories about women's leadership in football - creating an engaging collection that truly captures this gripping enigma known as 'the beautiful game.'

So readers are left with one question: Is the future of football something worth getting excited about, or is it more about the following tradition? With SPIRAL Issue II being a reflection on this mysterious juxtaposition between past and present - readers can be sure that this eclectic mix offers something unique for every fan.

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