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Porsche Unseen Design Studies
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Porsche Unseen Design Studies


Porsche has always been known for its revolutionary designs in the automotive industry. Now, they have opened up their secret vault to give fans and admirers a glimpse of never-before-seen designs. Porsche Unseen Design Studies book is an exclusive collection of 15 hidden designs from 2005 to 2019 that have been kept under wraps until now.

A look inside this expansive 328-page book reveals breathtaking photos taken by Stefan Bogner and text written by Jan Karl Baedeker that offer a captivating journey into the inner workings of Porsche's creative process. From the first sketch to the finished product, each magnificent design is detailed with incredible accuracy. Amongst these masterful creations are the awe-inspiring 919 Street Concept, Vision Spyder, and Vision Renndienst van, all highly inventive, remarkable, and stylish concepts that showcase Porsche's mastery of combining innovative technology with desirable aesthetics.

Porsche Unseen Design Studies book provides automotive enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to admire some of the Porsches' most glamorous designs that were previously unheard of. Each design is marked by exquisite detail, grandeur, excellence, and superior engineering never seen before, ensuring these futuristic cars will remain relevant for years to come. Whether you're a fan or not, the Porsche Unseen Design Studies book is sure to amaze you with its vast array of stunning visuals and divine descriptions that will leave you wishing these beautiful vehicles had made it off the drawing board.

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