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SmartDrop Delivery Box


With the rise of online shopping and digital transformation, it's no surprise that 2021 saw the theft of over 210 million packages from US residents. In response, Eufy has developed the amazing SmartDrop Delivery Box – designed to provide ultimate security, convenience, and protection for your items.

This intuitive technology utilizes a two-way audio system allowing couriers to press a button or use a pen provided by you to securely leave packages on your porch while you are away. Additionally, an advanced motion sensor triggers a built-in camera that continuously monitors the delivery process and sends notifications straight to your phone via the eufy Security app. The SmartDrop delivery box is also equipped with a spacious interior – capable of fitting most packages - as well as an effective, protective outer layer, safeguarding against extreme weather conditions and other external factors. Sophisticated yet user-friendly, this reliable product has revolutionized home package deliveries once and for all.

Say goodbye to worries about stolen items – thanks to Eufy's revolutionary SmartDrop Delivery Box. This innovative technology provides superior security features along with efficient convenience and trustworthy protection for all of your package deliveries, making sure those precious items remain safe in 2021 and beyond.

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