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Shen Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton
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Shen Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton


The awe-inspiring and breathtaking Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton known as Shen, discovered in Montana, will soon be available for auction at Christie's Hong Kong. Measuring a staggering 43 feet long and 16 feet tall, the enormous fossil is said to be almost perfectly intact, with its Maxilla, Premaxilla, and Suprangular bones all present. This prestigious specimen is believed to date back to the cretaceous period and has not been displayed in any museum across Asia before.

Christie's Hong Kong was hosting this once-in-a-lifetime auction for the T-Rex skeleton on November 30th, 2022. Before it goes up for sale, the public can admire her majesty at Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall in Singapore. This singular opportunity presents itself as one of the most extraordinary events ever seen in Asia. Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons have always been coveted by scientists and paleontologists alike, given their rarity. It had previously been thought that they could never be obtained by anyone other than museums or government bodies due to their immense value, both financially and historically. As such, this momentous sale at Christie's promises to set an entirely new level for dinosaur auctions around the world - an event that surely nobody should miss out on.

Shen is incredibly well-preserved despite her age which makes it even more spectacular to behold. The fact that she survived millions of years ensures that people from across the globe will gather together for this remarkable auction taking place later this year. With experts from various scientific fields expected to attend from around the world, it is understandable why many consider this sale to remain in infamy among historians – a monumental occasion that will go down in history books forevermore.

The discovery of Shen offers us a chance to connect with our past like never before and showcases just how incredible nature truly is when it comes to preserving lifeforms long gone yet highly respected by humans. Thus marking this exhibition as one of utmost importance within paleontological circles – ensuring that everyone who attends experiences something exceptional and one-of-a-kind.

Shen Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton
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CHRISTIE'S / $25,000,000
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