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Porsche Renndienst EV Concept
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Porsche Renndienst EV Concept


Porsche sent the auto industry into a whirlwind of excitement when it revealed 15 stunning concept cars for its book, Porsche Unseen. Among them was one of the most unexpected creations: the Renndienst EV van.

At first, details were scarce, and many were left wondering what this electric vehicle would look like on the inside. However, Porsche has just released some fascinating images of the interior that provide insight into its groundbreaking design. At the front, we’re presented with two large digital displays and a swivel driver’s seat, both of which allow for direct input as well as autonomous operation. In the passenger area lies a pair of offset chairs and a curved bench that make excellent use of space while giving off a luxurious aura. Other notable features include floating rear headrests for visibility, asymmetric windows to ensure privacy and an enhanced view, and much more.

Coming together in perfect harmony, these elements give rise to a brilliant van that is as versatile as it is imaginative. Unfortunately, Porsche currently has no plans to bring it to life, but hey – you never know what tomorrow holds.

Porsche Renndienst EV Concept
Porsche Renndienst EV Concept
Porsche Renndienst EV Concept
Porsche Renndienst EV Concept
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