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Lucid Air Stealth Look EV
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Lucid Air Stealth Look EV

Tesla's serious competitor, Lucid, got a premium lineup, the Lucid Air Stealth Look EV, which aims to be the market's best EV ever. This stunning crafted car has a new 35 exterior package that gives it a dark, Stealth Polished finish. With 20 and 21-inch wheels, this car is sure to make a statement. The front nose blade, C-pillars, fascia trim, mirror caps, and glass roof all have the Stealth Look finish, giving this car a genuinely impressive and distinctive face. And because it's not limited to black models, you can choose from Lucid's signature exterior colors, including Stellar White, Quantum Grey, and Zenith Red. The Lucid Air Stealth Look EV is an excellent alternative whether you're looking for a sleek and powerful car to answer all your everyday needs and, simultaneously, a sophisticated and stylish vehicle to show off.

Lucid Air Stealth Look EV
Lucid Air Stealth Look EV
Lucid Air Stealth Look EV
Lucid Air Stealth Look EV
Lucid Air Stealth Look EV
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Lucid Motors


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