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Lordstown Motors Endurance Truck
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Lordstown Motors Endurance Truck


This week, Lordstown Motors unveiled their upcoming Endurance electric pickup truck in a bold move to become the first electric truck to reach the market in 2021. Their reveal at their Ohio facility was much less extravagant than Tesla's famed Cybertruck reveal, but Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns' enthusiasm was contagious nonetheless.

This ambitious truck promises to set records in safety, handling, and range of any prior production truck ever built. The Endurance will be equipped with advanced hub-mounted motors that generate 600 horsepower while capable of reaching up to 80 miles per hour and going 250 miles on a single charge - all while carrying 7,500 pounds! To prove their commitment to the project, potential customers can put down $100 deposits with an impressive 14,000 preorders already secured. With these promising features combined with the bold goal of a 2021 release date, this electric truck could revolutionize the industry and transform transportation as we know it.

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Lordstown Motors
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