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Lockheed Martin x GM Lunar Rover
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Lockheed Martin x GM Lunar Rover


As our first steps in space exploration progress, a new vehicle is entering the scene. Partnering with giant companies like Lockheed Martin and General Motors, NASA is constructing the Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV). This ambitious concept aims to provide up to three astronauts and a 1,102-pound payload the ability to explore the Moon using electric propulsion technology for at least 1.2 miles on one charge.

Thanks to GM's expertise on the lunar surface from their involvement in building the iconic Lunar Roving Vehicle of Apollo missions, this remarkable feat of engineering promises to be a game-changer for humanity's future in space. The LTV brings together innovative features from both corporations – GM providing its self-driving advancements, which are currently revolutionizing transportation here on Earth, while also incorporating Lockheed Martin's decades of experience in aerospace engineering to give a reliable product that meets NASA's exact specifications. By combining these spectacular capabilities into one unique vehicle, NASA hopes to bring astronauts closer than ever before to experience the Moon's extraordinary mysteries and wonders.

This futuristic and daring piece of machinery blazes a trail into our dreams of reaching distant outer space planets and galaxies - something which had long been deemed impossible just a few decades ago. In doing so, it has opened up countless opportunities for cosmic research and discovery, granting researchers invaluable access to areas once only accessible by spacecraft or simple hand tools.

This fantastic advancement proves that even our wildest imaginings can become a reality if inventive engineering minds come together with tenacious determination. With every new development made towards exploring space, we can expect more technologically advanced creations that will push us closer each time toward a bright future among the stars.

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Lockheed Martin
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