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Legende R5 Turbo 3
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Legende R5 Turbo 3


Rally racing fans, prepare to be impressed! Renault, who have long been inspired by Lancia's success in the World Rally Championship with their iconic mid-engine 037 rally car, has just unveiled the resto modded version of their very own contender - The R5 Turbo.

This incredible new car is a mid-engine variant of the popular front-wheel-drive R5 hatchback, and it is aimed at bringing a classic hot hatch into the modern age with some truly impressive features. The exterior of this one-of-a-kind vehicle caught everyone's attention immediately, thanks to its boxy bodywork that has been partially made from carbon fiber, giving it a sleek and stylish look. LED lights both at the front and rear, as well as custom wheels, only serve to add to its beauty. Moving inside, the interior has been almost entirely redesigned with custom seating and a new dash design that pays homage to the original Bertone look.

The most exciting part of this car, however, lies at its heart - A turbocharged 4-cylinder engine delivering 400 horsepower and paired with an innovative rally-style sequential gearbox. And although Legende Automobiles have yet to announce pricing or availability information, you can expect there will more than likely be no shortage of people willing to pay whatever it costs for such an exemplary automobile.

Legende R5 Turbo 3
Legende R5 Turbo 3
Legende R5 Turbo 3
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Legende Automobiles
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