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Jeep Pickup Concept by Aitor Amigo López
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Jeep Pickup Concept by Aitor Amigo López


The Jeep brand has always been renowned for its tough and capable vehicles that can traverse virtually any terrain, as exemplified by the original Jeep CJ-2A from 1945. However, German product design engineer Aitor Amigo López of Amigo Design wanted to create something that was more modern yet still honored the Jeep heritage — so he designed the cutting-edge "Jeep Pickup Concept."

This stunning concept vehicle encapsulates an ultra-sleek bodywork design with flared fenders to accommodate an off-road wheelset and Bridgestone Potenza tires; it also features a unique take on Jeep's iconic seven-slot grille design, exposed pillars capping off both sides of the truck's bed, and many other exciting details. Furthermore, it appears to be powered by an all-electric drivetrain and includes a hardcore lifting suspension package, disc brakes, and origami-esque doors for enhanced capabilities. To top it all off, Cyberpunk style LED strip head and tail lights add a futuristic flair that really highlights how creative Amigo Lopez is.

Innovative concepts like this are becoming increasingly popular due to their pioneering designs and advanced performance benefits. This one certainly takes the cake when it comes to reimagining traditional vehicles, and even the Cybertruck-inspired hypercar recently unveiled by Amigo Design is unparalleled in terms of its impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail. We're eager to see what other ambitious projects Aitor Amigo López creates in the future.

Jeep Pickup Concept
Jeep Pickup Concept
Jeep Pickup Concept
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Aitor Amigo López
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