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Black Dog traders Land Cruiser 40 series SUV
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Black Dog traders Land Cruiser 40 series SUV


You can say one thing about badass SUV's, but this one is for the born heart of the adventures extremes. Land Cruiser 20th annually build those black dog beasts for limited production. Land Cruiser 20th annually produce those black dog beasts for limited production. They still, and will maintain the quality industry levels. All the Land Cruiser Series 40 is nothing else as before.

Our first Land Cruiser sold for $25,000. A singular focus on performance separated us from the industry as each truck improved to get where we are now. These are not for everyone, but for those seeking the highest performing Land Cruiser 40 series, there is nothing else like it.

There are so little details about the black dog. They got a New factory 6.2L LSA that means - 556 HP (Horse Power). Advanced power steering for the maximum experience that has upgraded for a sports roll cage. And of course, Jerry Can and tire holders. The fuel cell is of high capacity. For Apple lovers, they got your covered with the iPad display. The Black Dog Interior has Corbeau Trailcat heated seats and a heat Insulation. For more impression, you can always look for yourself at their store in Dallas, Texas. It's unimaginable combines of comfort as never before, unparalleled performance and strength.

The open nature road with mountains and obstacles. The connection between men and land that the cruise is what's bounding us for eternity. When we take this Black Dog beast with us, we take a partner to redefine our strong personality over again. from dawn to sunset, from bumping roads to rocky sharpen rocks and to the desert's dunes. We are in the right place that we should be. It's a way of life; It's a masculine lifestyle that we chose to take. You have to embrace it because it has been calling us ever since we were born.

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Blackdog Traders
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