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Luxury hotel group Aman is expanding its horizons with a new sister brand, Janu, which in Sanskrit stands for 'soul.' This exciting venture will bring greener, more accessible, and community-driven properties to three locations around the world – Tokyo, Montenegro, and Saudi Arabia – in
2022. Each resort is expected to include up to 150 rooms and offers an affordable price point yet maintains the exquisite level of service that Aman has become renowned for.

Janu's mission statement focuses on wellness and community, creating inviting destinations where guests can rest and rejuvenate in environmentally friendly surroundings. These buildings present an eclectic mix of modern convenience and timeless sophistication; guests are invited to indulge in beautification rituals or let their hair down at pool parties - the choice is yours.

From immaculate landscaping to striking interior design, the Janu brand stands apart from its competitors with a delightful range of features designed to wow even the most discerning traveler. From luxurious spas offering massages, facials, and other treatments to restaurants championing organic ingredients while providing exquisite dishes created by master chefs. With a commitment to customer service second to none, Janu promises comfort and relaxation beyond your wildest dreams.

The three Janu locations span across some of the most captivating landscapes known: sleepy coves hidden among cliffs of Montenegro; traditional tea houses tucked away safely within Tokyo's hustle and bustle; or expansive deserts glittering beneath a scorching sun as you wander through Arabian sands. All this, combined with 'pristine,' 'elegant' amenity options, ensure an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

So if you're looking for quintessential luxury on your next holiday destination without compromising on affordability or comfort, look no further than Aman's new reality – Janu! With their unique mantra of "wellness meets community," they are set to revolutionize the industry by creating spacious havens filled with modern amenities yet preserving traditional values at heart. As construction is currently underway for these amazing resorts – be sure not to miss out on what promises to be an awe-inspiring escape. 

Janu Hotels


Janu Hotels
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Janu Hotels
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