Helix Treehouse
Helix Treehouse

From first sight, it looks like Antony Gibbon has created the Helix Treehouse for a dark fantasy film or a horror movie. But the identified geometric design he is known for has been giving him right away. Moreover, the timber architecture merged with the surrounding trees in the middle of the forest. Grow's from the ground up into a twist position. Any eye can catch the spiral staircase guides to the two-story interior. The ground floor has a bathroom, kitchenette, and a small patio. However, the second one has a bedroom and another outside terrace. The forest reveals a breathtaking landscape from the 12 meters high to the mountains and mesmerizing snow from the living spaces full-wall glass.

Helix Treehouse
Helix Treehouse
Helix Treehouse
Photos Credit: 
Antony Gibbon Designs
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