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1967 Ford Shelby GT350
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1967 Ford Shelby GT350


This classic American muscle car will remain the most influence signals in the future Above all, that roar of its engine and the power of its durability. Its just masculinity that never dies. According to Shelby, from 1967 to 2003, there is only 1333 car left in Las Vegas. The lucky ones who put their hands on this beast beauty earn from all the worlds of Shelby's gifts. They have a history that still thrills the heart and soul.

Every Shelby GT350 equipped with a luxurious interior that comes with the aluminum trim; You can see a big difference right away. Besides, it is the best the tachometer in the dash of 8000 RPM (Round Per Second). However, Inside interior it the real deal, you can also find the wooden rim on the steering wheel that gives a vintage look. In the middle of the motor is the all-known Cobra logo.

Most importantly the Shelby was upgraded to 306 HP (Horse Power) with a Holley carburetor of 715 CFM. This higher-performance version has come with the scooped hood that you can feel the drive. But all the interior of that legendary Mustang came with the deluxe aluminum trim, so keep the history and the classic altogether. Therefore, GT350 was powered with solid-lifter 289 High-Performance K code small block.

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In conclusion, the force and power give you the classic American muscles that you were craving for a long time. Mustang is sure is the manliest, most masculinity vintage muscle car there is. When you feel it behind the wheel, the vibration of the roar of the engine, every single mile when you step on the gas. For every corner you shift the gear, it is called the bond between man and Classic American muscle car. Above all, you, as a buyer, always want and need more. The Mustang gives you the perfect masculine experience, with the superior upgraded performance only the Shelby GT350 can offer.

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