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Sony PS5 VR Controllers
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Sony PS5 VR Controllers


Sony's latest foray into the world of virtual reality is sure to excite gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. The new PS5 VR controllers feature ergonomic orbs that wrap around the player's wrists/arms and provide a natural experience, plus an intuitive button layout for easy access to all commands.

Utilizing technology from the DualSense controller, these new controllers come with fancy features such as adaptive triggers, advanced haptics, finger touch detection, and tracking via a small ring at its base. Furthermore, the iconic triangle, square, cross, and circle buttons can be found on either side of the controller, along with additional 'grip' sensors placed in place of L1 and R1 commands. These additions help make it easier to access the myriad of functions available through Sony's latest offering.

The new PS5 VR controllers will be sent out to developers in the upcoming weeks; no official release date has been announced yet. Whether you are an avid gamer looking for enhanced immersion or an innovative tech enthusiast curious about where Sony might take their Virtual Reality product range next, these amazing controllers promise an immersive, dynamic experience like no other.

With features such as advanced haptics and acute finger tracking capabilities embedded within sleekly-designed ergonomic orbs, the PlayStation 5 VR controllers are sure to become one of gaming's most coveted gadgets soon enough.

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