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Floating Retreat by Ardh Architects
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Floating Retreat by Ardh Architects


For those looking to take in the best of what nature has to offer while still taking full advantage of modern-day amenities, Ardh Architects' Floating Retreat may be the perfect solution.

Located in Sharjah, UAE, this amazing concept allows campers to literally suspend themselves in mid-air and experience a unique camping experience like no other. The remarkable design was crafted alongside the city's developmental leaders with the hope of promoting environmental awareness and appreciation for natural elements within the region.

The floating retreat is an ideal location for tourists or locals seeking a getaway filled with adventure and breathtaking views. Atop the mountains surrounding Sharjah, there are plenty of activities campers can enjoy, such as mountain climbing, scenic hikes, horseback riding, and more! Additionally, on-site shops provide guests with authentic local goods they can purchase while visiting.

It's refreshing to see an up-and-coming business offering a unique way to explore all that UAE has to offer aside from the usual luxurious cities like Dubai. By providing this extraordinary floating retreat, Ardh Architects created a spectacle that offers captivating views and exciting activities all at once—it's an enchanting experience that will leave everyone feeling magnificent, contented, and relaxed.

Floating Retreat by Ardh Architects
Floating Retreat by Ardh Architects
Floating Retreat by Ardh Architects
Floating Retreat by Ardh Architects
Floating Retreat by Ardh Architects
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Ardh Architects | ARQUI9
Ardh Architects
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