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Triumph Rocket 3 Limited Edition Motorcycle
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Triumph Rocket 3 Limited Edition Motorcycle


Triumph is introducing a stunningly sophisticated Limited Edition of its renowned Rocket 3 cruiser – the first all-black Triumph – that embodies a bold and visually dramatic vibe like never before.

The Rocket 3 R and GT Triple Black take the classic monochromatic look to the next level, featuring black anodized parts, a carbon fiber fender, and a capable 2,500cc triple engine producing a whopping 165 horsepower. This exclusive edition of 1,000 units worldwide will provide riders with an enriching long-distance riding experience due to its incredible sleekness and powerful presence.

The limited edition of Triumph’s Rocket 3 motorbike has been designed to magnificently captivate attention from every angle. Its three-shade scheme amplifies its robust yet graceful aesthetic, which contributes to its sheer magnificent road appeal. Another intriguing feature of the machine is its weight which comes in at around 650 pounds – light enough for swift maneuvers but heavy enough for stability on the road. Certainly, this unique ride will be adored by many with its remarkable combination of outstanding style and superior performance.

Without a doubt, Triumph’s new Limited Edition Rocket 3 concept certainly exudes an alluring charm that will surely draw attention wherever it goes due to its exquisite looks. Its debonair and dashing design provides remarkable extravagance that pleases both the eye and ego on any journey.

Plus, these bikes are equipped with features specified for long-distance ridings, such as enhanced comfortability and ample storage space for extra gear or luggage if needed.

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TRIUMPH / $25,000
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