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Field Notes Clandestine Limited Edition Notebook
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Field Notes Clandestine Limited Edition Notebook


Field Notes Clandestine Limited Edition Notebook is a 3-pack Field Notes that have a mystery and a secret behind it. Right away, you can clearly see the secret codes and ciphers surrounding all the three notebooks from the from to the back. The Cover made from Mohawk’s Via Antique Vellum.

The black metallic Crown foil on the black matte gives a mystery and hidden look that has more than meets the eye. Inside the Field Notes, you have 60 pages of Finch Opaque White with dot-graph. The structure of those diagrams is perfect for cracking the Clandestine secret codes. The last part of each Field Notes has a three-part history of decoding and ciphers and more for you to decode the secret message, codes, and ciphers. To unlock the secrets of the three-book you more than just clearance, you need to combine and use all of their together. Use all the tool that you got with this fantastic package.

Moreover, to finally solve the secret the hides within. The year-long Field Notes subscribers also get the Field Notes Cipher Wheel that helps them to decode the messages. This Limited Edition of the Clandestine Field Notes made with The Mystery League that take a part of these beautiful books.

Field Notes
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