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e-Beach Wagon Motorized Multi-Terrain Cart
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e-Beach Wagon Motorized Multi-Terrain Cart


If you’ve ever wanted an electric beach wagon that could transport your gear to the shore with ease, then the e-Beach Wagon is for you.

This innovative design takes its retro cues from classic woodie wagons, but it runs on cutting-edge electric transportation technology. Not only does it look great, but this versatile 2′ x 4′ wagon can transport up to 300 pounds of supplies and equipment—all while charging USB devices—at variable speeds and a top speed of 3.5 mph. With an easy-to-operate design, all you need to do is turn the key, hold the handle to steer, and press the thumb throttle, and your electric beach wagon will take off over any terrain you point it towards.

Featuring tall removable railings, a removable plastic wagon bed, and built-in holders to mount umbrellas, flag poles, or fishing rods, this eco-friendly Wagon can go up to 5 miles on a single charge for an enjoyable day at the beach.

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e-Beach Wagon
e-Beach Wagon / $2,499
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