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Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition
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Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition

The Voyager Golden Record is not any like other records out there; In 1977, NASA launches two space crafts into the unknown deep space. The Voyager I and the Voyager II is making thier way to our solar system and away beyond that course. For each spacecraft, the Voyager I and the Voyager II has a phonograph record that has an interstellar message of our civilization. We, and NASA hopefully that Golden Record will eventually come to interact with extraterrestrials. Maybe not now or the next decade - it can go continuously set to course billions of years from 1977. Who will know?

So what is playing?

The Voyager Golden Record contains images, sound, science, music from Beethoven and Bach to Blind Willie Johnson, Chuck Berry, Senegalese percussion and Solomon Island panpipes. The incredible sound of our little planet, and 55 human languages greeting messages to the all it will hear them.

Voyager Golden Record Book

In 2013 the Voyager I pass the interstellar space, that means it's near 13 billion's miles away from earth. We wonder, who is also hear the Golden Record out there? Now we can have it to our hold too. The Voyager Limited Edition is now in a Vinyl set box with all the goods that are also cruising into the outer space. Currently, you can listen to all the records, sounds, music, and experience the book that came along with this great set and explorer beyond it's begging and the journey it'self.

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Ozma Records
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