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Dune Board Game


The renowned 40-year-old Dune Board Game allows you to re-create the fantastic world of Frank Herbert's Dune. Playing board games is an excellent way to socialize. It's fun, it gets your brain going, and it allows you to bond with friends and family in an intimate atmosphere. Plus, there is always more adventure. Imagine being able to command a noble family, guild, or religious order on a desolate Planet that is the sole source of the most valuable natural resource in the universe. Imagine being able to rewrite one of science fiction. The most priceless resource in the universe, melange, is sought after by each noble house. The mysterious spice only found on Dune at a high cost is coveted by all nobles. Only when individuals take the addicting drug may the steersman of the Guild Navigators continue to experience visions of the destiny, allowing them to plan a safe route.

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Gale Force Nine
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