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1989 Batmobile
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1989 Batmobile


When Tim Burton's Batman hit the theaters in 1989, it was clear that a classic had been created. From Michael Keaton to Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger as Catwoman, it was no surprise that the film was an instant hit. As beloved as all of the characters were, one element stands out – the Batmobile.

Revamped and designed with a darker, gothic sensibility that perfectly matched Burton's vision of Gotham City, the Batmobile was a magnificent sight to behold. Measuring over 20 feet long and adorned with sweeping lines and huge tailfins, this is undeniably one of the most remarkable vehicles ever put on the big screen. Constructed out of fiberglass bodywork covering a Chevy Impala chassis, it also boasted features like a sliding canopy and even featured an extra hidden cockpit behind its front seats – specially built for its supporting role in Batman Returns in

But aside from being visually stunning, this powerful car also packs quite a punch under the hood. Powered by 48-volt lead acid batteries and boasting a rear-mounted electric motor, this dynamic vehicle can surely make heads turn no matter where it goes - when charged correctly. And after doing its part in both films released so far, it has since been listed for sale outside of Philadelphia. Movie fanatics everywhere will undoubtedly go in awe if they stumble upon this grandiose piece.

This extraordinary vehicular work-of-art makes for an impressive collection piece fit for any avid fan who has grown up watching Batman soar through the night skies above Gotham City.

1989 Batmobile
1989 Batmobile
1989 Batmobile
1989 Batmobile
1989 Batmobile
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Classic Auto Mall
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