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111 West 57th Street
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111 West 57th Street


Manhattan has always been known for its iconic skyline, and now the completion of 111 West 57th Street is only adding to that prestigious reputation.

After eight years of construction, this grandiose endeavor has finally been completed, combining a historic structure with an awe-inspiring tower to create a magnificent masterpiece overlooking Central Park. The original 1925 Steinway Hall building has been preserved and now houses 14 luxurious residences. SHoP Architects were responsible for this exceptional project, dedicated to making sure that every aspect was up to standard. The adjacent tower makes history as the skinniest skyscraper in the world due to its impressive 24:1 height-to-width ratio - resulting in an additional 60 residences.

The exterior of the building pays homage to the golden age of the Manhattan skyline with stunning custom-cast terra cotta, bronze, and glass cladding - while interiors remain faithful to the building's romantic past. Providing further opulence are some truly remarkable amenities, such as King Cole Bar, an 82-foot swimming pool, and various lavish in-house services.

To summarize, 111 West 57th Street is quite simply an extraordinary accomplishment - bringing together beautiful design with meticulous detail in one amazing package. This remarkable structure will surely stand out among even the most impressive buildings of blustering New York City, offering luxurious living spaces within a historically significant landmark.

With its ambitious design and incredible scope, it is no wonder that this unique project took eight arduous years from concept to completion – demonstrating just how captivatingly intricate modern architecture can be.

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111 West 57th
111 West 57th
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  1. Conduct market research to identify potential historically significant buildings in the area that could be developed into luxury residential properties.
  2. Build a team of real estate development, architecture, and property management experts.
  3. Acquire or secure funding for the development of the properties.
  4. Begin preserving and restoring the original architecture of the buildings while incorporating modern amenities and design elements to create luxurious living spaces.
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  6. Develop and implement a property management plan, including leasing and maintenance of the properties.
  7. Offer in-house amenities such as a bar, swimming pool, and various lavish services to residents.
  8. Continuously assess the market and make adjustments to the business strategy as needed.
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Note: These are general guidelines, and it's essential to consult with legal and financial experts to ensure compliance with local laws, regulations, and zoning laws.

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