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Sherpa 2 - by BRS offroad
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Sherpa 2 - by BRS offroad


Sherpa 2 is the new meaning that BRS Offroad has manufactured to offroad camping. Just one press and like the wild nature present, you can enjoy sleeping heated cabin and Alucab rooftop tent for the little ones. The Sherpa 2 equipped with two alcohol burner cooktop for the best BBQ you'll need for the outdoor experience. Twenty-one inches LED TV for you to watch satellite TV, Netflix or even for gaming. The kitchen with two of 30 Litre fridge can store your food, meat and of course, you cold six-pack beer happily. There are also two of 12 Volts outlets, cabin lights, heating, and fans. Their main magnificent features are the window view to the night sky. Before you get to sleep, you can get the first seat view to the endless stars. Besides, the second one is the 200 Liter water bladder that will be very useful to your outdoor.

The outdoor tech

Sherpa 2 body has got the top materials for the hardest resistant. Made of 3mm 5083 marine grade plate. It means that the shape skeleton structure can handle almost any road no matter how tough it is. On top of that, the Top Cone only wights 55Kg, although it's lightweight but sturdy. And when we talk firm, we meant it could handle rocks and additionally has UV stability. The Sherpa is something you see in Aircraft and not regulars campers. The suspension XT made of X5K steel, no matter how bumps you'll going to get or how hard it will be over time, it can handle it correctly. But let understand that we live in a High consumption of a digital and tech age, and we need power. Well, the Sherpa 2 have a 125amp lithium battery, it paired with AC and DC-DC charger of 40 amp. You have 200 watts to knock yourself out. You'll never need to worry about more power that you need with the monocrystal solar panel.

In conclusion, when you go out there, no matter the road, no matter the destination or how far thought it is, you got covered from any angle. It is the perfect companion for outdoors.

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BRS Offroad
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