Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen Smart Glasses

With a built-in Alexa connectivity, the Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen Smart Glasses provides you assistant and convenience all day. Hands-free prompting is better than a screen display that distracts you on the lenses. Furthermore, the Open-ear audio functionality allows

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Nash Computer Glasses by Felix Gray

Nash Computer Glasses by Felix Gray is a great wat to keep your focus on your work and ease on your eyes. We found ourselves many times during the day been in front of displays many hours. Moreover, Nash Computer Glasses has a blue light filter that decreases the

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The Midway Matte Black/Walnut Sunglasses

The Midway Matte Black/Walnut Sunglasses has an impeccable design that shouts masculinity. Midway designed the sunglasses with bold matte finish with a beautifully rounded frame. Moreover, the frame made of Premium Cellulose Acetate. However, the lenses have a Green

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Focals Smart Glasses - by North

The new Focals Smart Glasses - by North are impressive smart glasses that fit perfectly for your daily routine. However, when feeling a bit like Tony Stark, the Focals Smart Glasses can easily manage our digital life. Without taking our smartphone from our pocket

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Bernardo 54mm Polarized Sunglasses

The Bernardo 54mm Polarized Sunglasses has blocky frames that define the stylish Italian sunglasses at its best. Moreover, the fitted polarized lens clarity of color-true has 100% UV protection. The designer Oliver Peoples that founded back in 1986 has continued given t

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Bevi Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Bevi Polarized Aviator Sunglasses is exclusive styles of high-quality sunglasses. It can be a great gift idea for Father's day, Men, or any surprising gift. Although the Bevi Eyewear sunglasses are not high pricy, the looks are pretty good and well designed.

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