Dango P01 Pioneer EDC Wallet

The bifold's multifunctionality of the Dango P01 Pioneer EDC Wallet means that it is more than the regular wallet that stores your credit cards and cash; it does more. Made from a high-quality handcrafted Italian leather shell, the Dango P01 provides a 48-page notebook

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FOCX Everyday Wallet

FOCX Everyday Wallet That specially designed as a pull-tab minimalist smart wallet. Although it looks like another wallet, the FOCX has its distinctive features that we need. Moreover, the wallet has fast and easy access for cards, something we need to be available

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M1911-h Reloading Card Holder

M1911-h Reloading Card Holder is a two-piece cardholder that reminds the action of reloading a weapon. The inner magazine released from the outside case while pressing the releasing button. Moreover, you can take a card in one hand and insert the cardholder magazine

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Dango M2 Maverick Wallet

Dango M2 Maverick Wallet is a hand-polished nickel plating for superior permanence. The wallet made of CNC-machined 6061 aerospace aluminum that shouts durability for high standards. Moreover, the design of the full-grain leather is a more masculine look that you can

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Lanvin Logo Card Holder

Lanvin Logo Card Holder is a stylish and well-made wallet that can store your everyday cards with minimalist design. The French fashion house Lanvin has designed the Logo Card Holder with luxurious calfskin leather. Moreover, the four card slots, along with a

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Pioneer Molecule Card Holder

Pioneer Molecule Card Holder is probably the most durable wallet on the market; it is slim, well designed, and, most importantly - minimalist. The wallet comes in five different colors: Black, Onyx, Blue, Evergreen, and Slate. Moreover, the cardholder can hold between 4

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Rag & Bone Men's Hampshire Leather Card Holder

Rag & Bone Men's Hampshire Leather Card Holder is the wallet you need. The Rag & Bone brand's origins since 2002 in NYC, is dedicating their mission to craftsmanship. Their design is impeccable, and pay attention to every detail to give the best-designed product.

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Burberry Black Card Holder

Burberry Black Card Holder is not your everyday wallet; it is a luxury brand that defined your status. The Wallet made of 100% buffet calfskin leather. The front of the cardholder has a printed logo: BURBERRY LONDON ENGLAND that screams the brand.

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Bellroy Micro Sleeve Black Card Holder

Every gentleman has its own particular sets of everyday carry that is a partial part of his day. The Bellroy Micro Sleeve Black Card Holder can be the perfect card holder to the everyday gentleman. One of the essential thing that every guy should have is minimalism.

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