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McLaren Albert Speedtail Coupe
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McLaren Albert Speedtail Coupe


McLaren Albert Speedtail Coupe is arguably one of the most mesmerizing cars ever made. With only 106 cars released, this stunningly sleek car has already become a symbol of prestige and exclusivity.

Named after the company's Albert Drive location in Woking, England, it was inspired by the design elements from the prototype camouflage based on airflow data during development. The stunning Magnesium Silver and Ueno Grey color combination represent its heritage - the first F1 displayed publicly and F1 GTR, which won Le Mans in 1995, respectively.

After 12 weeks of masking and painting, this majestic vehicle is ready to make its debut at Sunset GT, an exclusive cars and coffee event in Los Angeles. This extraordinary coupe exhibits distinctive aerodynamic lines that make it look unbelievably graceful while maintaining its power and agility. What's more, McLaren has imbued it with high-tech features like advanced suspension systems and active brake cooling, creating a unique driving experience for every owner. The McLaren Albert Speedtail Coupe stands out among other automobiles thanks to its rarity, remarkable looks, premium features, and dynamic technology. Aspiring car enthusiasts can have their dream come true as they witness this magnificent piece of engineering art take center stage at Sunset GT.

Promising a thrilling ride combined with impeccable aesthetics, there is no doubt that this dynamic coupe will create a lasting impression in the hearts of many viewers around the world.

McLaren Albert Speedtail Coupe
McLaren Albert Speedtail Coupe
McLaren Albert Speedtail Coupe
McLaren Albert Speedtail Coupe
McLaren Albert Speedtail Coupe
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