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Tardigrade Moon Concept Motorcycle
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Tardigrade Moon Concept Motorcycle


In late 2020, the world's eyes were turned to Russian designer Andrew Fabishevskiy's awe-inspiring concept of a moon bike - an all-wheel drive monster that could possibly traverse the rugged terrain of our celestial satellite. This vision was also noted by renowned custom moto outfit Hookie Co, which has since spent months digitally prototyping the project and bringing it to life as the 'Tardigrade.'

Named after microscopic metazoans known for their nearly indestructible nature, this one-of-a-kind creation is constructed around a bespoke chassis featuring 10mm laser-cut aluminum backed by a tubular stainless steel exoskeleton. To add to its intergalactic appeal, 12 Kevlar 3D wheels – produced through additive manufacturing – come equipped with CNC-machined CAKE hubs held together by stainless steel SKF cartridge bearings. Powering the rover is a drivetrain, wiring harness, and battery pack lifted from yet another CAKE model before being enveloped in a unique Kevlar fishbone aluminized fabric cover capable of withstanding intense heat and UV radiation. Even the machine's digital display appears to be taken directly from a CAKE build. Other components, such as wheel caps and handlebar mounts, were 3D printed as well. This ambitious project was further enhanced with Hookie Co's custom electronic steering system utilizing a potentiometer and servo motor, enabling this art deco two-wheeled NASA rover to reach speeds up to 9mph while boasting an impressive 70-mile range on just one charge.

This incredible achievement was shipped from Dresden to Los Angeles, California, where it is currently on view at the Petersen Automotive Museum as part of Paul d'Orléans' ADV: Overland exhibit until March 27th, 2022. Be sure to visit the building's website for additional images and more information about this remarkable futuristic ride.

Tardigrade Moon Concept Motorcycle
Tardigrade Moon Concept Motorcycle
Tardigrade Moon Concept Motorcycle
Tardigrade Moon Concept Motorcycle
Photos Credit: 
Hookie Co.
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