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Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising
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Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising


As an avid fan of sneakers, I recently discovered the amazing book Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising written by Simon Woody Wood, the founder of the famous Sneaker Freaker magazine. This huge tome is a celebration of classic and vintage sneaker-selling techniques, featuring over 900 beautiful images ranging from classic athletes like Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan to loved celebrities such as Paula Abdul and MC Hammer. It's both an insightful glimpse into the past and an engaging exploration for those passionate about design, advertising, or sneakers.

One thing I particularly appreciate is that Soled Out captures all the tiny details that can turn a good ads campaign into a great one. If you take a look at some of the older print adverts in the book, they showcase an astounding level of creativity, with vibrant colors and captivating illustrations. But it not only shows you the visuals but explains why they worked so well at capturing public attention – which is a remarkable, valuable lesson for today's marketers.

In addition to its eye-catching photography, Soled Out also provides plenty of educational content about how sneaker ads were made years ago. For example, Wood does an excellent job explaining how advertisers evolved their strategies to appeal to various generations and demographic groups. As someone who loves learning more about advertising history, this was absolutely fascinating.

Overall, Soled Out is stunningly put together, making it enjoyable for viewers with any level of knowledge about sneaker advertising. It's filled with charming anecdotes about how campaigns were devised and executed, providing vibrant glimpses into a unique form of artistry. Plus, it's perfect for anyone seeking reliable insight into key concepts like design trends, brand-building principles, or creative marketing tactics suited to modern times.

I highly recommend getting your hands on this exciting publication if you're looking to broaden your understanding of sports culture as well as fashion industry history through classic advertisements. So go on – treat yourself! You won't regret investing in this incredible collection bursting with delightful nostalgic moments that will definitely keep your interest piqued until its last page.

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