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RED KOMODO-X Compact 6K Cinema Camera
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RED KOMODO-X Compact 6K Cinema Camera


The innovative imaging technology of RED has made it the go-to choice for both professional cinematographers and wealthy aficionados. Known for their pristine output quality, this brand's cinema equipment includes RAPTOR and KOMODO models. This set of products has gained traction in various fields involving video production, such as wildlife documentaries or music videos. With its solid specs and compact design principles in mind, the KOMODO range has garnered an impressive following among digital content producers and industry experts. RED's new release - The KOMODO-X, is now available with improved specs such as a 6k global shutter sensor and fresh body design

The KOMODO-X showcases its innovative edge with a cutting-edge 19The new pixel architecture on this sensor enables users can record high-quality images/videos that are highly detailed even under low light conditions - capable of capturing video content upto eighty frames-per-second (FPS) with resolutions going as high as six thousand pixels (6K). Moreover, they can achieve greater color accuracy, making their work appear more vibrant. This camera is a versatile option because it is compatible with RED's wide-ranging ecosystem, including its app and remote connectivity features.

Not only did RED enhance the camera's image quality, but they also improved its usability with the KOMODO-X by adding some excellent functionalities like live-streaming features along with essential monitoring and audio functions in the newly implemented I/O options to provide more flexibility for users who want to explore various creative avenues using this upgraded version. The locking RF mount's strength and versatility make it an ideal choice to support different types of compatible equipment, and swiftly accessing image previews and customized controls is a breeze with the camera's intuitive LCD touchscreen. A unique and personalized experience can be achieved by changing tangible buttons, such as the record button, to user preference.

On the company's official website, you can find and buy RED's innovative KOMODO-X ST digital camera at a price of $9With a perfect combination of avant-garde technology and user-friendly features at its core, this transformative gadget redefines what can be achieved in digital cinematography allowing hobbyists, content creators, and industry experts alike take their visuals skills into new heights.

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RED / $10,000
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