Porsche Design Ultra One Laptop
Porsche Design Ultra One Laptop

Porsche Ultra One Laptop is designed for luxury, speed, and like no other user experience. If one of the most known brands automotive manufacturer wants to create a luxury laptop, they matched their components to a level precisely like their supercars.

The aesthetic that Porsche Design made is 1.5kg light and can hold up to 10 hours of consistent work, and has a 13.8mm thinness as every laptop should be. The 15.6-inch Multi-Touch display has a 2.45mm bezel width. Moreover, Ultra One can hold up to 1TB SSD storage. Up to 16GB of RAM, and has i7-8500Y 8th Gen Intel CoreTM CPU. Furthermore, Porsche Laptop builds for Windows 10 best features like Cortana Voice Control. Also, all the connectivity is in the back for more convenience.

Photos Credit: 
Porsche Design Computing



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