NVIDIA Shield TV 4K Gaming Edition
NVIDIA Shield TV 4K Gaming Edition

The new NVIDIA Shield has been giving to millions of gamers and smart home enthusiasts THE perfect solution all combined. After may reviews, the new streamer probably the most powerful streamer on the market. The Shield has a 4K Ultra HDR streaming resolution so that it can run 4K movies and Tv shows from your favorites streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, Playstation VUE, and a lot more. The NVIDIA streamer supports Dolby Atmos for the best surround sound and DTS-X so you can enjoy it to the full.

Smart Home, Gaming Console, What else?!

The Shield can turn to your Smart Home Hub from Smartthings. You can control your smart home devices and voice control like Amazon Alexa. And it has Google Assistant built-in the Gaming Controller. The Nvidia Shield can replace your gaming streaming services with her new GeForce Now; A streaming services provide by NVIDIA for you to play with her powerful Shield. Thanks to Tegra X1 Processor, you'll enjoy the very best and world-class performance. If you have another Gaming streaming services like Steam; No problem! You can download it, log in with your Username & Password and start play.

The Pack

The Gaming Edition comes with the touch remote that reminds the Apple TV remote. You can touch and slide your finger in the middle black stripe for volume up and down. If you press the speaker button, you can talk to Google Assistant and ask for today's weather. The Gaming Edition comes with the gaming controller that has a perfect grip, smooth, and remind the XBOX controller. You can quickly get used to it. The Streaming device itself Comes with 16GB Storage or 500GB for those who like to save Large files, Games, photos or Movies. If you decide to go with the regular Pack - No problem. NVIDIA Shield has two USB 3.0 For External storage for you to connect every input you desire like, Gaming Keyboard, Sound Card, etc. On the back, you'll find HDMI 2.0 Input, 1GB Ethernet, and Power.

More and More features

Let's say you have a Strong Gaming PC in your room, and want to play in your living room's TV; The Shield allows you to stream almost flawlessly via ethernet cable or WiFi (Although it's very poor compared to the wire) to your Nvidia device but only if you have an NVIDIA Graphic Card. All your games will be Ordered beautifully in your Shield, so start the game and start playing. Google Play store has almost every app you want. You can install many apps that fully customize with the streamer like Kodi, Netflix, YouTube, and many more.

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