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Hoverbike S3 by Hoversurf will be the next transportation
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Hoverbike S3 by Hoversurf will be the next transportation


The Hoversurf, Hoverbike S3 looks like a hoverbike in a sci-fi movie, but it is real as you can get for $10,000 deposit. Hoversurf is light because of the carbon fiber that wraps the most of it. Therefore its four-rotor flying contraption made of that carbon fiber, and all of the Hoversurf is entirely electric. Maximum speed is limited to 96 KM, weights 114 KG, not bad at all for that good Christmas present. If you like to play games in PS, XBOX, or Gaming PC, you will love the control of this Hoversurf. With two joysticks that you can fly this thing with no pilot license. Hoverbike mission is to develop that technology, from there to create their prototypes, and finally, they have proven what they build. As they say, they want to bring to us (people) freedom. And that freedom is flying. Their road wasn't so simple to create this piece of art, and they needed to go further to the law. For aircraft, they know about the compliance and rules of safe; therefore, they close to the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Story and Tech Inside

The Hoverbike S3 got equipped with the top of technology. Hoversurf using Venturi Engine that means the Hybrid schematic merged with airplane and copter but without the transitional regime. It is to say that it's safer and smaller than the average propeller. The Hoverbike made from spatial carbon monocoque. The computer seats on the top of the Hoverbike that control the onboard flight system. Along with the sensors and battery, they create harmony together for all the craft itself. There is also an Emergency landing system, that means if one of the propellers is dead, it can stabilize itself and prepare for a safe landing.

In other words, deposit, take a flying course, and fly away with that extreme Hoverbike.

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I WANT THAT! (Discover more from Hoversurf) / $150,000
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