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Henge Hill House
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Henge Hill House


Nestled under the rolling hills of olive-draped hillsides, Henge Hill House – designed by architect and CG artist Bartosz Domiczek – is an ethereal modern abode. It stands as a unique hybrid between its historical past and its futuristic present, with the existing footprint of an old farm storage building serving as a striking backdrop for the home's contemporary interiors.

The house itself is composed of a series of interconnected suites arranged around a central courtyard while antique arches line the walls offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountainscape. Atop this majestic hilltop lies an aquatic oasis, where a natural basin has been converted into an inviting pool that looks out onto the picturesque, rural landscape below.

Bartoz Domiczek expertly blends together ancient architecture, modern design principles, and creative vision to create masterful works of art such as Henge Hill House. The result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also genuinely immersive, as one can become fully immersed in both artistic expression and beautiful scenery alike. From its timeless façade to its idyllic poolside views, this enchanting residence provides one with an unforgettable experience like no other. Here, each moment feels almost surreal against the tranquil backdrop of lush greenery and majestic hills that seem to go on forever.

Henge Hill House stands not only as a symbol of creativity but also as a reminder that our natural environment should be respected and cherished. With captivating visuals around every corner, Bartosz Domiczek has created something truly spectacular with his stunning composition at Henge Hill House – an awe-inspiring work of art that embodies both grandeur and serenity in equal measure.

Henge Hill House
Henge Hill House
Henge Hill House
Photos Credit: 
Bartosz Domiczek
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