Grovemade MagSafe Docks & Stands
Grovemade MagSafe Docks & Stands

After releasing the iPhone 12, many known brands step up to design and build devices for the new Apple series charging tech. Grovemade MagSafe Docks & Stands products are offering both high-quality products and wooden aesthetic design. They took natural materials with a solid weight and built the stand to hold your iPhone upright and the dock for the low profile for you to choose the best suitable option. The MagSafe Stand and the MagSafe Dock comes in maple and walnut finishes. Grovemade truly elevated the MagSafe with a seamless experience for their products the perfectly fits the new iPhone 12 lineup. In other words, your workstation needs the best accessories for creativity and fr your high-end iPhone 12.

Grovemade MagSafe Stands
Grovemade MagSafe Docks
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