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Gillette Apollo Razor


Half a century ago, NASA made one of the most momentous feats in human history – landing men on the moon. To commemorate this spectacular event, Gillette recently released their limited-edition Apollo razor. The handle of this exquisite product is designed to resemble the lunar surface and boasts a 3D-printed design made using the state-of-the-art Formlabs SLA printing technology from Boston.

The front of the handle features an iconic boot print along with the timeless quote "one small step" by Neil Armstrong during the moon mission. On top of that, there is also a period-correct NASA logo, also known as the "meatball," on the back of the handle. Accompanied by a Fusion5 ProGlide blade, this crafty razor provides both comfort and closeness with every shave. It is a tribute to human excellence and ingenuity and demonstrates just how far our progress has come in technology while still honoring our past. Talk about one utilitarian masterpiece. The 3D-printed handle is an exemplary testament to advancements we have made in manufacturing and design over decades.

With its unique design, collector's appeal, and superior quality blades provided by Gillette, it is no wonder why enthusiasts have embraced this dazzling product so passionately. Whether you're an ardent fan of space exploration or looking for an exquisite razor that provides excellence in precision with each stroke, then Gillette's Apollo razor should be at the top of your list.

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