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Fuji Island is Instagram's photographers perfect paradise
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Fuji Island is Instagram's photographers perfect paradise


And here's the irresistible point why you should go there. As a Vlogger or a Blogger, you not just once dreamed of the ideal place to shoot. Or more than that, to take your dream to a perfect private island. Fuji island offers the clearest lagoons, white sand beaches in an extreme and pure environment. Therefore, the private island Villa will blow you away. The max luxury treats for you and your guests exclusively.

Only an hour’s boat trip away, or if you want to shot from the air and not by your awesome drone, you can take a helicopter flight from Nadi, Fiji, Fuji Island. Oh and, by the way, when you arrived at the island, you'll have the benefits that Fuji Island offers: The most advance Photography gear. And if you want or forgot your gear at home. Or you prefer to up a notch your skills for the results. You can have an even a private photographer, but we know you'll not want one. The accommodation of the island is a Five-star luxury dream, with gourmet dining that position in a perfect sitting. Even the treats must have to Video or taking the perfect shot. The experience will sum up your Instagram food photos, Traveler Vlog. Or to have a memorial moment with your life partner. In other words, you also have water sports, bush adventures, and all this in complete privacy.

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In conclusion, Fuji Island is a 360 panoramic view of the paradise and ocean, from the moment you arrived, till the little moments you fly away from this unparallel paradise upon earth. One last and we think the most important one. Don't forget your drone, and prepare your 4K shots from an eagle view. It will blow your mind away when you see what the first thing you were going to capture on video.

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