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CLMBR Pure Workout Machine
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CLMBR Pure Workout Machine


If you're in the market for a cutting-edge workout machine for commercial use, the CLMBR Pure is an ideal option. The groundbreaking design of this climbing machine stands out from traditional models, as there's no central shaft allowing users to stay in proper form throughout their exercise routine. Plus, its Kevlar-reinforced belts and low-maintenance body make for a robust, long-lasting experience that can fit into any gym space with ease.

Best of all, the CLMBR Pure works in tandem with a state-of-the-art companion app that provides vital stats and measurements such as workout targets achieved and total vertical feet climbed. Through this information, users can track their progress while also participating in group classes with an integrated on-demand library right on the machine's screen. Its built-in audio system adds further value by eliminating any need for expensive external speakers.

As well as being easy to set up and maintain, the CLMBR Pure offers impressive ergonomics that help reduce the impact on your joints while delivering a rewarding workout. You'll get the same great burn you'd expect from other machines with added protection against injury - making it perfect for athletes looking to push themselves further or those new to climbing who want maximum comfort without compromising results.

In summary, the unparalleled design of the CLMBR Pure makes it a truly remarkable piece of equipment for any commercial gym - offering incredible convenience and powerful performance at an unbeatable price point. Sleek, intuitive, and reliable, this revolutionary climbing machine is guaranteed to transform your workout experience.

CLMBR Pure Workout Machine
CLMBR Pure Workout Machine
CLMBR Pure Workout Machine
CLMBR Pure Workout Machine
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CLMBR / $2,500
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