Clearon Bluetooth Backpack Speaker
Clearon Bluetooth Backpack Speaker

Clearon Bluetooth Backpack Speaker is a bag that you can take your tech with minus the portable speakers. When you usually go on traveling, whether its beach, camping, festivals, or road trip, you take along with you some tech. Now you have your Bluetooth speaker built-in your backpack. Moreover, Bluetooth 3.0 has high fidelity of transmission, with the latest EDR. Feel free to play up to 12 hours of music, and control your music and volume with the rotating button.

Clearon Electric bluetooth backpack

Furthermore, the backpack has a 5000mAh power bank to juice your devices. The backpack looks harden because of its shape, and it is so. The overall protection has an Anti Deform, Anti clash surfaced, and it is waterproof. Also, the backpack can store up to a 14-inch laptop, it has room for clothes, and can store your iPad.

Clearon backpack
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