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City of Telosa
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City of Telosa


It's no secret that cities are evolving with the times, and former founder Marc Lore is hoping to lead the charge in trailblazing the future of urban living. The ambitious project is named Telosa, with plans to construct this beautiful metropolis from the ground up somewhere within the United States.

What makes Telosa one-of-a-kind compared to current cities is its unique skyline – a lattice of structures including a towering cylindrical cluster known as Equitism tower, which serves as a "beacon for the city" and civic center for gatherings. To enhance sustainability, Telosa boasts an array of innovative features, such as photovoltaic roofs and elevated water storage systems, as well as aeroponic farms designed to help local urbanites thrive. The city is surrounded by a luxuriant central park with captivating public spaces planted with native fauna and reservoirs that store water for daily use throughout Telosa. Pedestrian-friendly roads weave through the city blocks while autonomous cars safely transport locals around town if needed. In total, it aims to provide an idyllic and peaceful atmosphere for current and future residents alike. If all goes according to plan, Marc Lore could start greeting new residents in 2030 – something all self-proclaimed 'city lovers' should keep their eyes out for.

With so many exciting possibilities unfolding before us, there's also much debate about just how successful these efforts will be in revolutionizing our urban societies: only time can tell what our futures hold in terms of architecture, technology, and efficient living. Will we ultimately succeed in creating vibrant, efficient communities that are both environmentally sustainable and homey? We can only cross our fingers.

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