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Bugatti x Hermes Chiron Coupe
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Bugatti x Hermes Chiron Coupe


Luxury automobile magnate Manny Khosbin recently unveiled his stunning new Chiron, the product of a collaboration between heritage brands Bugatti and Hermès. Taking three years to complete, this opulent one-off hypercar is entirely swathed in Hermès Craie beige and impeccably adorned with stylish H monograms.

The intricate and detailed interior showcases exquisite leather and cashmere upholstery, while the underneath of its retractable rear wing pays homage to the iconic horse-and-cart logo. Bold, classy, lavish, remarkable, luxurious, beautiful, and chic are just some of the adjectives used to describe this extraordinary car that is set to be showcased alongside Khosbin's other exotics on January 4th 2020.

Crafted from two celebrated French fashion houses of unprecedented luxury status, this latest creation reinforces their long-standing relationship that dates back to the 1920s. Combining classic craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology makes for a unique masterpiece heavily sought after by connoisseurs of fine automobiles around the world. With prices expected to exceed millions for a single vehicle – such as Manny Khosbin's Chiron – these exclusive vehicles cater only to an elite audience who appreciate both their value and their place in history.

Experience has taught us that we will never see another like it ever again, making it all the more special in our eyes. Sly billionaires may obtain any vehicle they wish, but when they reach out to Bugatti and Hermes, they know they are being offered something truly extraordinary. From superlative styling down to every detail, it is unquestionably an impressive edition with no rivals in sight.

Bugatti X Hermes Chiron Coupe
Bugatti X Hermes Chiron Coupe
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